Hello from Windows 10

In a previous post I mentioned that we should look for a Windows release sometime in September. I was wrong in that I thought there would be a second //BUILD/ conference around it, but I was right that we got a Windows release. It is spectacular!

If Windows 8 was Windows Reimagined, then Windows 10 is Windows 7 reinvented. The enterprise has been really slow to pick up Windows 8 and has decided to go from XP to Windows 7 in most cases. However, even that aging OS is about to reach end of support. Microsoft has to do something to get people onto the most recent OS. That’s where Windows 10 comes in.

Windows 10 brings the Start menu back, but if you like the Windows 8 Start screen you can opt for that instead. At first I thought that I would like to keep the Start screen, but having used the menu for the past few days I think I miss those good old days and will stick with the menu.

This will be the last major release of Windows. I’m not sure this statement is true, but the plan is to have a rolling update of the OS from here forward much like Arch Linux. That’s right, I said Arch Linux, not Ubuntu. See Ubuntu isn’t a rolling release. It has a major update every 2 years with incremental updates every 6 months. This is the model most people use when talking about Microsoft’s Windows plan, but Microsoft has said that there will be three main modes for receiving updates: Consumer, Near-Consumer and Enterprise pace. Consumer will be bleeding edge with updates (security and feature) coming every month or so. Near-Consumer will be similar but probably with a 4 month waiting period. Finally Enterprises can opt for just the security updates and then push the feature updates when and if they choose. Confusing I know, but this is closer to the way that Arch Linux updates the OS than the way that Ubuntu updates.

That little rant aside, how is it using Windows 10? Well…. I love it. I know that this is a surprise to people that know me, seeing as I’m a huge Windows fan and all. </sarcasm> It is beta software and really isn’t ready for primetime yet. Metro apps crash a lot, or won’t paint on the screen at times. Also you can get them into a full screen mode but it takes a click in the title bar to get there. Also annoying about metro apps is that to invoke the app bars you have to go to the title bar and select the “App Commands” option.

I was going to make a little movie showing off Windows 10, but Scott Hanselman beat me to it and his is much better than I would have done. Here is his video. 

There’s a long wait before we get to the final release of Windows 10, but this enthusiast is glad he installed it on his primary machine.

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