Build 2020 Part 2

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Microsoft Build Conference 2020

Oh My! I totally forgot my favorite parts of Build in my last blog post . Read on to learn more.


WSL2 is part of Windows 10 v2004 that came out this month. With it comes a full fledged Linux kernel. It’s amazing and fast. In the Linux file system you’ll see speed improvements of 60%. But that’s not all. At Build they announced that GPU pass through, DirectX 12 on WSL, and most importantly Linux GUI is coming this year to WSL!

Microsoft Edge on Linux

Also, a couple of demos showed Microsoft employees using Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu. When asked about it the Edge team said it is coming soon. This will be great as I’ll be able to ditch Firefox on my Ubuntu computer and have the same browser on all my computers.


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Windows Printer Install

Build 2020