Installing .NET Core 3.0 on a Raspberry Pi

Friday, February 8, 2019

I went into this exercise thinking this would be a tough challenge. However, it turns out to be a very simple process. It’s just prepare, download, unpack, configure, and roll with it.


First make sure that your Raspberry Pi is running the latest software updates with this command: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Once that is done, we need to install libunwind8 sudo apt-get install libunwind8

That’s it for prepare.


Next from the command prompt run this command to get the latest build of .NET Core 3: wget


Create a folder in your home directory called dotnet: mkdir $HOME/dotnet

Then unpack the contents of the .NET SDK into that folder tar xzf dotnet-sdk-latest-linux-arm.tar.gz -C $HOME/dotnet


Update the .bashrc file to include these lines: export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/dotnet export DOTNET_ROOT=$HOME/dotnet

Restart your console session.

Roll With It

First let’s make sure it works with this command: dotnet --version

Now that we have it installed let’s try it out. Create a directory called hello-world and change to that directory. Next run the following command: dotnet new console

This will scaffold out a new console application for you. Type: dotnet run

And that’s it!

.NET Core 3 running on Raspberry Pi!

Future Me

EDIT: March 14, 2020

So I thought I’d revisit this blog because it is now a year later, and it’s a pretty popular post. I tried this again thinking I was getting .NET Core 3.1, but instead I got .NET 5 Preview 3! I followed all the steps above except for installing libunwind8 and everything worked great!

.NET 5 running on Raspberry Pi!

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