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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The first link I have this week is Future Visions by Microsoft. It is a collection of original science fiction stories based on projects currently being researched in Microsoft Research. It isn’t available until November 17th, 2015, but it promises to be really good. I’ll be sure to add this to my reading list.

The second link I have is Small Basic from Microsoft. My daughter came to me earlier this week and said she wanted to learn how to program. I showed her Scratch , but I think she was unimpressed with the drag and drop style of it. So then I showed her Small Basic which is a project that I’ve read about before and see quite often mentioned on Twitter. It is a lot like the BASIC that I learned when I was her age and she seems to be enjoying it.

The third link for this week is a discussion of Project Westminster . Project Westminster is a programming method to turn your web site into a Windows 10 app.

The next link that I have today is “Using JavaScript frameworks from your C#/UWP application .” This is utilizing Edge’s JavaScript engine, called Chakra, inside your C# application. The idea is that every week thousands of new frameworks become available for JavaScript. Many of them are really good and should be used inside applications. A C# developer can now route code through the Chakra engine to run these frameworks. The author does a simple example and it is fairly straight forward to get this component running in your C# Application.

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I got a new keyboard for my Surface Pro 3 that includes a fingerprint reader for use with Windows Hello. I couldn’t get it working right away because I didn’t have the updated firmware on my Surface Pro 3. Before I figured that out though I had a read through this page on “Troubleshooting problems with Windows Hello on Surface .” It is very informative and well worth the read if you are going to use Windows Hello on your Surface. Keep in mind that using Windows Hello may reduce your battery life.

That’s it for this week. Just five links. I will write again soon.


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Microsoft Surface Touch Keyboard

Links of the Week