Windows 8.1 Update

Saturday, May 31, 2014

I’m a little late to the party of writing about Windows 8.1 Update, but I wanted to get a fair result. My initial thoughts on it were that I didn’t like any of the improvements they made for keyboard and mouse users. Until a couple days ago when I was forced to use Windows 8.1 long enough to install the Update. I have to concede that the keyboard and mouse improvements are wonderful. The added title bar for immersive apps is great and the addition of the power button on the start page is great. Also the addition of context menus to the start page is great. Overall I hope everyone out there in Windows 8 land updates to Windows 8.1 Update and does it soon. There are no more patches for Windows 8.1 without the Update. Also, if you are still using Windows 8 please find out how you can upgrade for free. It is very important that you are on the latest and greatest.

Windows 8.1windows 8.1

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