Hyper-V Integration Components � Oops

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We are going to rack this up to experience. I was trying to figure out today if I have the Hyper-V Integration Components beta installed, the ones that came with Windows Server 2008 RTM, or if I’d upgraded to the RTM version of these components. Well dummy me, I double clicked on the entry in Add/Remove programs and what I got was the system removed the components lick-it-y split and told me to reboot. What, no confirmation?

In other news, after the reboot the virtual machine Blue-Screened and when I repaired it I got a Windows Activation found an “unauthorized change” and it now needs to be reactivated. Activation on Hyper-V sucks ass. If you are working with virtual machines on Hyper-V be warned that monkey-ing with the Integration Components will force you to activate again.

This is double bad because now I have to activate to use the machine, then I’ll re-install the Integration Components (I need network connection man) and then this weekend I was planning on upgrading my Hyper-V server to the new Windows Hyper-V Server 2008 OS that is free from Microsoft. I’m planning that because I am currently running the RTM of Windows Server 2008 that came with the beta of Hyper-V. I want full RTM software running over there. So what does that mean? Well, as of right now this is what I’m looking at doing:

  1. Activate Windows
  2. Install Beta Integration Components
  3. Activate Windows
  4. Use the VM until I am ready to get rid of beta
  5. Remove Beta Integration Components
  6. Activate Windows
  7. Install RTM Integration Components
  8. Activate Windows

With my MSDN licensing on Windows Server 2008 I’ll use 4 of my 10 activations on this one server alone. That sucks. I guarantee I’ll have to call the activation center before Monday.

Update: Turns out I’m hosed. I need to install integration components to use the network. I have to log in to install integration components. I have to activate to log in. I need network connection to activate.


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