Paper Sometimes Wins

Thursday, August 2, 2007

John Guin writes a blog called OneNote Testing. Today he has a post titled, “Trying to use OneNote to go 100% paperless on a trip, and not hitting that goal ”. The interesting part of his story was not the thought of him trying to get the bar code reader to scan a bar code contained within OneNote, the interesting part of the story is the description of testing data that has a lifetime of 5-10 minutes. In that case paper wins. It’s small and easy to throw away.

I have been using my laptop for a little over a year now, and I still miss the notebook. The biggest problem I have is form factor. Although I have a small laptop, sometimes a 2"x1.5" Post-It note is the best tool for the job.

“Paper Sometimes Wins” means to me that sometimes paper is the best tool for the job. I’m going to continue trying to switch to OneNote for everything, but I recognize that this is an unobtainable goal. Maybe I can get over 75% though.


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