Goodbye Windows Server Longhorn

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hello Windows Server 2008. Looks like the TechNet France web site spilled the beans. Microsoft is officially naming the next version of Windows Server, “Windows Server 2008”.

Windows Server 2008

I personally am going to miss the Longhorn code name. It has treated us well. The code name, as I understand it, came from the fact that Server 2003/Windows XP codename was Whistler (a mountain in Canada with great skiing) and the follow up version was originally called Blackcomb (another mountain in Canada with great skiing). But the decision was made to create a version of Windows that was somewhere between the two. It just so happens there’s a bar halfway between Whistler and Blackcomb called the Longhorn Bar. Thus the name.

Windows Server LonghornLonghornWindows Server 2008windows server longhornlonghornwindows server 2008

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