Critical Windows Update

Sunday, January 8, 2006

It’s not “Rushed ” and it’s not “early ”, but it is the most important thing you can do today. There is a critical Windows update available on Windows Update . Anyone reading this should immediately go update your computer.

I say it’s not rushed because Microsoft did all of their normal testing and it is safe to install. Also it isn’t Early in the same sense. Microsoft has just been holding on to it until “Patch Tuesday”, but because some people have no morals and decided to publish details on how to exploit this vulnerability Microsoft released the patch 5 days before it was to be released.

Patch Tuesday is the second Tuesday of every month. This is the day that Microsoft releases patches for their operating systems. Several years ago there were a lot of press and IT professionals complaining that Microsoft needed to release patches on a more regular schedule. This would help IT in planning for rollout and testing of these new patches, and it would allow the press a particular day to once again rip into Microsoft. However, it would appear that these same people are now complaining that Microsoft waited too long to release this patch. The press even went so far as to recommend people use an unofficial patch written by someone else. Please, don’t do this. Microsoft’s official patch is out. Use that one.

Now stop reading this and go update your computer.

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