• Build 2018

    Tags: build, build 2018

    Another year and another Build conference. Last year I said I’d go this year given the opportunity, and I was given the opportunity. The original build conference was billed as //build/ Windows. You … more

  • AppUriHandlers

    Tags: Windows 10, HTML, UWP

    The promise of web-to-app linking is that a developer can associate an app with a website. That way when you load the website the app will launch. Really cool!However, the sad truth of the matter is … more

  • Build 2017

    Tags: build, build 2017

    Microsoft Build is the ultimate conference for me. It’s a developer conference that focuses on Microsoft’s roadmap for the coming year. Every year after the keynote and first day of sessions I rush … more

  • Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks

    Tags: Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio Code has quickly replaced Sublime as my editor of choice. Well, second only to Visual Studio itself that is. Code is very customizable. To the point that I have different configurations … more

  • Bower is Dead

    Tags: NPM, GULP, ASP.NET 5

    Starting from a blank piece of paper or an empty notepad can be a daunting task. Where do I start? How do I get to the productive place? Most of the help that I find on the Internet start with, “Run … more

  • Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire

    This weekend Barnes & Noble is holding a Mini Maker Faire. We went over to the Steven’s Creek Barnes & Noble to check it out. What they did was take over the nook area and had some folding … more

  • Links of the week

    Tags: Surface, Links

    The first link I have this week is Future Visions by Microsoft. It is a collection of original science fiction stories based on projects currently being researched in Microsoft Research. It … more

  • Microsoft Surface Touch Keyboard

    Tags: Surface

    This week was a big week for Microsoft. The Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book came out. Along with them came a host of new accessories including a new Type Cover for the Surface Pro 4. This … more