Silverlight 2 RC0 is Now Live!

A year and a half ago we got a taste of a new technology. This was a technology designed to leverage developers knowledge of .NET on the client side browser. Some call it Microsoft’s answer to Flash, but mostly everyone just calls it Silverlight.

Today we’ve reached a milestone in this long and sometimes rocky road to having a small .NET CLR running cross platform in the browser. Today, Silverlight 2 RC0 went live. I won’t spoil the moment with any more of my crap. I’ll just post a  few important links:

However, I need to plug a Silverlight 1.0 site that is near and dear to my heart: Windows Server 2008 The Server Unleashed

You may wonder why I’m linking to a Silverlight 1.0 site in a blog entry about Silverlight 2 RC0, well that’s because I wanted to show you that I didn’t make any code changes at all and this Silverlight 1.0 site works perfectly in Silverlight 2 RC0. Way to go to the testers working on backward compatibility. You deserve a raise.