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  1. Office for iPad is now available

    Today at a press briefing in San Francisco, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Office for iPad is now available. The press briefing was entitled “The Intersection of Cloud and Mobile” and there was plenty of information on Microsoft’s new core:

    1) The world will not be defined by the form factors that we have today.
    2) Everything we do will be digitized.
    3) Improve the fidelity of the interactions with all of the digitized information.

    Mobile first: Cloud First. These two, mobile and cloud, are one in the same. Microsoft’s cloud for mobile Empower people to be more productive across all devices. Developers are looking for their canvas to innovate. How can they build on other people’s work. Empower IT so employees can do more and the organization can do more. A cloud for everyone on every device.

    Today is a first step. Word, PowerPoint and Excel on iPad. Full Office fidelity and editing capability right on your iPad. This is available today at 11AM PST.

  2. Outlook 2010 with Exchange 2010: Cool Feature

    There’s a cool new feature that I stumbled across today in Outlook 2010. I was writing a reply to an E-mail in a Microsoft Internal Discussion List. One of the people on the To line has an out of office setup so this appeared at the top:

    That’s pretty cool. Rather than send the E-mail, wait for the auto-reply to come in, Outlook 2010 will just let me know right up front that this person is out of the office! I know there are a lot of other great features in the new version of Office, but it’s the little details like this that will make it a killer upgrade.

    In other news, I have recently pushed live a new version of the Office 2007 Real Life Tools web site. There’s 9 demo videos showing real life ways of using Office 2007 at home or in a home office. Find the version of the site for you here:

    US English:

    Canadian English:

    Canadian French:

    UK English:

    Australian English:

    France French:

    I have four more locales coming in August. So check out Office 2007 for now, but do Office 2010 when it’s released sometime next year.

  3. Moving the Outlook 2003 OST File

    One of the partners in the firm that I work at asked me how he could move the location of his offline mail store (OST) from the C drive to the D drive. It wasn't clear, but it looks like you have to first disable the offline caching mode of Exchange and then restart Outlook. Then shut down Outlook and then reapply the offline caching, but go into the advanced properties to set the location of this new ost file. Once done the file was "moved" (more accurately it was recreated) on his D drive. If anyone is looking for detailed instructions, let me know and I'll type them up.