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  • AppUriHandlers

    Tags: Windows 10, HTML, UWP

    The promise of web-to-app linking is that a developer can associate an app with a website. That way when you load the website the app will launch. Really cool!However, the sad truth of the matter is … more

  • Difference in Margin Between HTML and XAML

    Tags: HTML, Silverlight

    The Margin attribute of XAML elements acts different than in HTML. There are still the three ways of describing this information. The first way is simply, make all sides the same. These are identical … more

  • Paragraph Elements are not for Spacing

    Tags: HTML

    A friend of mine just launched a new business venture called stackoverflow. Jeff will be doing what he does best, and hopefully that will mean that we can contract him out to help us from time to … more

  • The Little BR that Should Not…

    Tags: HTML

    Last time I explained why you shouldn't use <B> and <I> and alternatives that are semantically correct. Today I'd like to complain about the over-use of <BR /> in the web. <BR … more

  • Death to B and I

    Tags: HTML

    In the first of what I am sure will be many posts regarding HTML, I would like to bid farewell to my old friends <B> and <I>. You may find them in various places on my current web sites, … more

  • Be Excellent to Other Onload Events

    Tags: JavaScript, HTML

    I've noticed a disturbing trend lately with regards to the onload event of an HTML page. This trend includes one developer overwriting the onload event with their own function. I've seen some web … more

  • Input type=file value

    Tags: HTML

    I had a bug this morning where the input field for a file upload box was being cleared during a postback to the server. The bug suggested that the server action should not clear the field because we … more

  • HTML Validation: Choosing a DOCTYPE

    Tags: HTML

    A while back, I asked the question of what the XHTML 1.1 doctype is. The answer is found on the site here. It is this: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" … more