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  • Links of the Week

    Tags: ASP.NET, JavaScript, Links, Visual Studio Code

    I don’t have thousands of tabs open in my browser like some people do, but I do tend to save things I want to read for later. I then like to spend some time on Saturday going through the tabs and see … more

  • How to take down a web site temporarily

    Tags: ASP.NET

    Usually I rename web.config to web.config.bak while I make major changes to a web site. This causes an error page to anyone hoping to visit the site that I am modifying. In ASP.NET 2.0 you can take … more

  • .NET Maximum Request Length Exceeded

    Tags: MCMS, ASP.NET

    On a day to day basis I develop in Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS 2002 SP1a). For most of what I've done editing the Metabase.xml file takes care of the problems I've had in uploading … more